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Ferrari F430 Spider Attacked During the Brazilian Carnival

When we think about the Brazilian Carnival we instantly get a flash of women dancing and wearing colorful costumes, loud music, big crowds and pretty much all that includes fun, but not this time.
Ferrari F430 Spider 1 photo
The annual festival held in Brazil seems to have gone a little loose this year, as we can see in the video. It seems that a group of protesters or men who just had too much to drink started to vandalize cars on the street.

Things got even worse when a red Ferrari F430 Spider wanted to pass through the crowd just minding his own business. The guys stopped the car and afterwards threw what seems to be water and flour on the car. We can’t say exactly what, but you can also see other things flew in the cars direction.

After the F430 Spider went on his way, the men spotted a white Porsche Panamera and started to run eagerly towards it. Sadly for them, the distance between the Porsche and the raging was big enough to let the driver of the Panamera and another car turn around and leave safe and sound.


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