Ferrari F40 Gets Snow Chains for Drifting During Camping Trip in Japan

Ferraris didn't use to be put into the same sentence with camping trips, but an eccentric Prancing Horse owner from Japan has come to change that. And don't think the man has gone for a predictable approach such as the FF. Oh no. We're talking about an F40 here. And F40 with snow chains, people.
Ferrari F40 Gets Snow Chains For Drifting 1 photo
While car aficionados are probably familiar with Takeshi Kimura's high-octane trips, this guy deserves tons of extra recognition and Red Bull Japan has decided to help him achieve it.

We're dealing with a short film named "A Day In The Life" (truer titles have probably never been written), which takes us straight into one of the man's camping stunts. As promised earlier this week, we've brought you the full shenanigan.

While the action kicks off on the outskirts of the Nagano Prefecture, where Takeshi lives, his driveway is adorned with an F40 that has received custom attention in order to cater to the man's transportation needs. We're talking about basic stuff you find on any Ferrari, like rallying world-borrowed yellow foglights and a roof rack.

Once inside the senior Maranello halo car, the man heads out of the hills of Nagano. Sure, it's been a while since the 1998 Winter Olympics, but this is the kind of place that's hard to forget.

Having rented some snow chains along the way, Takeshi doesn't let anything stand in between his desire to drift the F40. Neither the turbo lag, nor the bouncy surface keeps him from putting the Prancing Horse to extreme sideways work. And there's nothing like an audio tape to complete the 80s atmosphere.

As you'll notice in the clip, those fog lights are no fashion statement and we can say the same about each and every item sitting on top of the Ferrari. As a guy who has spent a few nights in a tent mounted atop of a car, I can confirm the feeling of waking up in the morning to the sight of your ride is hard to beat. Except this guy takes things to a whole new level, as you'll find out after hitting the "play" button below.


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