Ferrari F355 Spider Mysteriously Burns to a Crisp in Parking Lot

Ferrari cars are also known as flammable super speedsters, and not few reports of one such speed machine catching fire are available online.
Ferrari F355 Spider burns in a parking lot in the UK 4 photos
Ferrari Hybrid spiedFerrari Hybrid spiedFerrari Hybrid spied
To put it simply, Ferraris tend to catch fire more often than other sportscars. However, in most instances of this type, the fault lies with the owner, for failing to respect the Ferrari guidelines and provide proper maintenance to the car.

This was probably not the case here: emergency personnel were called on the scene of a parking lot near a train station in Leamington Spa, UK, where a red Ferrari F355 Spider was burning. There was no around in the parking lot when first responders got there, and after some effort, they managed to put out the blaze.

Not much was left of the car, though. This might be an older model, but it was still a gorgeous machine, and it had burned to a crisp.

“Just before 11 o’clock this morning we were mobilized to a car fire near Station Approach in Leamington Spa. On arrival we found one Ferrari Spider well alight in a car park. A hose reel and breathing apparatus were used,” a statement on the official Facebook page of the Kenilworth Fire Station reads.

“We are now on standby at Leamington fire station providing strategic fire cover to Leamington and surrounding areas,” the statement adds.

If you look at the photos available at the bottom of the page, you’ll see why the fire was so “mysterious.” First of all, the owner wasn’t around, so you can rule out the issue of poor maintenance / handling of the car before taking it out on the road. Secondly, the fire seems to have damaged the front-end more severely, and this is a mid-engine.

An investigation into the causes of the fire is underway and it will probably offer answers to the question of how or who started it. Still, it’s got to suck to be the owner of this Spider (or whatever’s left of it) right now.


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