Ferrari F12 TDF XX Rendered as the Customer Racecar Ferrari Never Built

We haven't met any aficionado who would look at the Ferrari F12 Tour de France and think that the Maranello special isn't wide enough. Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped the world wide web from coming up with a render that portrays a widebody F12 TDF.
Ferrari F12 TDF XX Render 7 photos
Azzuro Dino Ferrari F12 TDF in MonacoAzzuro Dino Ferrari F12 TDF in MonacoAzzuro Dino Ferrari F12 TDF in MonacoAzzuro Dino Ferrari F12 TDF in MonacoAzzuro Dino Ferrari F12 TDF in MonacoAzzuro Dino Ferrari F12 TDF in Monaco
Nevertheless, the widebody aura is just a part of the pixel rearrangement process this TDF has gone through.

The posterior of the Prancing Horse has been given a complex makeover, one that involves a much more aggressive tail-like spoiler, hollow-center light clusters and a diffuser the size of Italy.

Come to think of it, we're looking at a digital contraption that might just be the F12 Tour de France XX. You know, the customer racing machine Maranello never built. Since the company's XX program only involves one beast a time and the current spot is occupied by the FXX K incarnation of the LaFerrari, you shouldn't expect any changes in this field anytime soon.

Speaking of which, we'll remind you that the FXX K has received its fair share of renderings, which is how we ended up with the... pickup truck and the shooting brake incarnations of the devil.

And, to take the fantasy ever further, this could be a street-legal version of the F12 TDF XX.

After all, names such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren have accustomed us to a circle that involves street cars based on racecars that were built using road vehicles as a starting point.

In fact, one such Ferrari-related example saw the 599 GTO coming to life as a license plate-ready incarnation of the 599XX, which was born by building on the assets of the 599 GTB.

Rain Prisk is the digital art label behind the pixels we're looking at. And while some of the virtual machines wearing this badge are as polarizing as possible, we have to admit that the styling cues we see here don't look half bad.


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