Ferrari F12 Speciale / GTO Photographed for the First Time Without Camo, Shows Radical Design

A photo of the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta hardcore model has just emerged on Cavallino Rampante, a Facebook page dedicated to the most famous supercar brand in the world. It shows a test prototype in production form and without even a hint of camouflage.
Ferrari F12 Speciale / GTO Supercar First Photo Shows Radical Changes 4 photos
Ferrari F12 GTO / SpecialeFerrari F12 GTO / SpecialeFerrari F12 GTO / Speciale
Just like previously leaked images originating from a configurator, this shot suggests a much more radical design approach. Changes include three gills over the rear fenders, a redesigned tail and a chin spoiler visible even from the rear 3/4 view.

Reports have been somewhat confusing regarding the name of the car. About a year ago, Ferrari revealed its five-year business plan and said major updates will influence all models every four years, when the letter M would be attached to the end. It would have been similar to how Aston Martin added the S at the end of the V12 Vantage and Rapide recently.

Of course, that didn’t happen with the facelift of the 458 or the California, so why should it take place here? Instead, the GTO and Speciale monikers are being considered right now. Ferrari has a long history of switching names at the last minute, so perhaps we shouldn’t be concerned with such trivialities.

What we should instead be interested in is the fact that the F12 GTO / Special is supposed to be produced in only 650 examples, each costing significantly more than the regular version. The V12 engine will undoubtedly receive a power bump, but varied reports suggest anything from 760 to 800 PS.

At least 100 kilograms (220 lbs) of weight will be cut, meaning that the most powerful non-hybrid Ferrari ever will be insanely fast. Considering that the yellow prototype was spotted in production-ready form, there’s a chance we might see it at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Update: We now have three different photos of the car from the same Facebook page.


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