Ferrari F12 and Maseratis Ruined in Chinese "Highway" Rally That Went Offroading

Remember when Ferrari used a pair of 612 Scagliettis to allow journalists to go on a tour of China back in 2005? Some argued that Maranello employees being present would affect the credibility of the event, but we are now here to show you what happens when such an adventure lacks official supervision. Or any form of common sense.
Ferrari F12 and Maseratis offroading in China 1 photo
As you'll be able to see in the clip below, a convoy of Italian delights, comprising a Ferrari F12berlinetta and (probably) ten Maserati Ghiblis, was recently taken offroading in China, with many of the vehicles obviously getting ruined in the process.

We're not quite sure about the Chinese translation for "highway," but the Sichuan-Tibet highway route used for this tour certainly doesn't fit our description for such a road. That's because the route saw the Italian jewels crossing rivers and tackling terrain that might require caution even in certain light crossovers.

According to the local media, the cross-country trip was initiated by Chinese businessman Ni Haishan, who aimed to boost his reputation by pulling such a stunt. While Haishan drove the Ferrari F12, a number of employees followed in the group of Ghiblis. Some sources even state the Maseratis were offered to the employees as a bonus.

Well, some of them won't be able to enjoy the results of their work, since six of the cars got stranded along the way, Ferrari included.

The microscopic ground clearance of Italian beauties has always given drivers goosebumps and this is what happens when too much money replaces the logic that dictates one to be cautious when taking such pieces of machinery off the asphalt.

Returning to Ferrari's 2005 trip, the Prancing Horse covered some 15,000 miles, with both the starting and the finish line sitting in Shanghai. Over the course of the adventure, journos may have crossed the Gobi Desert (twice!) and followed Marco Polo's route, but the careful handling of the trip meant it was a successful one.

Returning to the less-than-successful way in which our business guy managed his own trip, be prepared to cringe as you watch the slice of footage below.

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