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Ferrari EV Will "Sound and Handle like a Proper Ferrari," Says Marchionne

The FCA CEO is known for his outspoken opposition against electric vehicles, even though his rhetoric on the subject warmed up a little over the past few years.
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However, all this talk surrounding Tesla couldn't have gone unnoticed by the Italian executive, and the subject was bound to show up during a discussion or an interview sooner or later. Especially since Musk's company managed to build a four-door family sedan that's quicker to 60 mph than the LaFerrari.

Marchionne probably misread the comments saying the Tesla Model S P100D has supercar-like performance, and took them as a claim at the supercar status by the electric sedan. He apparently didn't like that because, during the Detroit auto show, he said that "if there were an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari would be the first."

Well, somebody should take Marchionne out of the bubble he's living in and show him the real world, the one in which vehicles such as the Rimac Concept_One or the NIO EP9 already exist. But the Ferrari boss is probably well aware of that, and only marking his supercar territory, so to speak.

However, this isn't the funniest thing Marchionne had to say on the subject. Business Insider reveals he also talked about what we should expect from the all-electric Ferrari supercar, and apparently, among other things, it will sound great. That's right, it will sound great.

"[...] So whenever Ferrari will express itself in a fully electric vehicle, it will do so by making sure that both sound and handling are reflective of Ferrari's heritage," Marchionne said, leaving the entire world wondering how an electric vehicle can be made to sound like a naturally-aspirated V12.

Of course, all the people who highlight the fact Teslas have better acceleration (to the 60 mph mark, at least) than Ferrari's supercars and think that's enough to render the Italian supercars obsolete, are also living in a bubble. However, these two separate universes might be on a collision course, and it will be very interesting to see what happens if or when Ferrari decides to go electric. Just make sure to wear some ear mufflers.


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