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Ferrari-Engined 1968 Ford Mustang Is Ready to Offend

Have you ever tried to make a list of Ford Mustang owners who wouldn't like to trade cars with Ferrari owners? This is quite a difficult task, as there aren't too many aficionados who would tick this box. However, we're here to show you a Mustang that promises to mix the two worlds, in spite of all the differences between them.
Ferrari-Engined 1968 Ford Mustang 1 photo
This beast started out in life as a 1968 Mustang, but its engine compartment now accommodates a Ferrari V8. Oh and did we mention the twin turbos?

Following a twelve-year process, the Corruptt Mustang is now alive and kicking, which the no-longer-just-a-muscle-car having made its debut at this year's edition of SEMA.

In its prancing horse state, the V8 heart of the Ferrari F430 delivers 490 horsepower, which is just 30 ponies above what the Gen III Coyote motor of the 2018 Mustang GT has to offer.

Nevertheless, thanks to the TT conversion, along with other goodies, such as a Ferrari California air intake, the unit now delivers around 700 horsepower. Which is just enough to help this retro pony keep up with modern-day muscle car range-toppers.

The unit is matted to a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission, albeit with the gearbox packing a sequential shifter.

Then there's the work done to the body of the vehicle. From the carbon fiber floor pan, to the unibody-like construction, this Stang has come a long way from its factory form.

As for the cabin of this memorable build, the dashboard instruments look more fit for a supercar, but the interior comes with a few 3D printed parks.

Thanks to the piece of footage below, which comes from 1,320video, you'll be able to enjoy a well-executed SEMA walkaround of the Corruptt Mustang, build initiator discussion and all.

And whether you appalud this build or find it blashpemous, you have to admit it can't be ignored.

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