Ferrari Drivers: Stop Abusing those Enzos!

Never do I become as disturbed as I am when seeing a supercar being treated like a sissy. I am kidding you not, go-fast machines kept in a garage most of their lives drive me insane. Wait, there is something that actually grinds my gears in a more severe manner - supercars being abused without a decent purpose. Alas, this is exactly what seems to be happening to the Ferrari Enzo and I’d like to have a word with those drivers.
I happened to notice an increase in the number of events filed under “Ferrari Enzo donuts” and I do not get it. How can people get their kicks from spinning a retired Ferrari admiral ship? Don’t we have scrapyard-acquired rear-wheel drive contraptions to quench our thirst of randomly drawing circles with the rear tires?

I am not going to lie, baking a donut is not the kind of activity I despise. Nonetheless, whenever I’m in the mood for such ridiculous behaviour, I hop aboard some old beater with driven rear wheels and I unleash the rocket science... full lock and full throttle. OK, sometimes I like to modulate. But I’d never treat an Enzo like that, simply because the result is not spectacular enough.

Not when this car brought so many innovations it made previous Ferraris looks like overgrown Fiats. The Enzo was a car released in the naughties and it does feel like a really, really cheeky bastard. The sensation of torque abundance is truly impressive for a naturally aspirated motor and you are even allowed to make small errors prior to being sentenced to tête-à-queue.

Before I drift away into Enzo quality time stories, I shall ask though not to misinterpret my thoughts. I declare myself an avid Enzo, and other supercars for that matter, extreme driving aficionado. Still, it all has to make sense.

You want to put on a show? Perfect, demonstrate your skills by drifting the Enzo. Put the electronics to sleep and when those extreme gearshifts tend to send the entire car sliding, go with the flow. Get that back out and keep it there. Make a 360-degree scene, but be sure the hooning is worth it!

Just in case you need some inspiration, you could seek this in races such as the Mille Miglia. For instance, Prancing Horses were whipped on tarmac there and they were whipped hard, with the result being an astounding mix of brutality and elegance. Art.

OK, this particular type of behavior lead to a deadly Ferrari crash back in 1957, but nobody said you have to go that wild just to impress the stopwatch or the bystanders.

And since I reached the little book of negative examples, I shall also mention Eddie Griffin’s 2007 Enzo crash. The actor bashed an Enzo against a concrete barrier while promoting a car-crash movie. Well, at least this one can be forgotten, since the car was rebuilt.

Speaking of art, if somebody was able to bake donuts in an Enzo until the tarmac underneath resembles a form of this, I would applaud that.

Nowadays an Enzo trades hands for over EUR 1 million (US$ 1.36 M), but this does not seem to stop certain people from bashing its sequential transmission as if it were a half-dead econobox. The world was only gifted with four hundred Enzos, so let us maintain their hooning under control, shall we?
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