Ferrari Crash Kills Passenger on Pacific Coast Highway

This weekend we were faced with another horrific supercar accident, in which a Ferrari 360 Modena was disintegrated after an impact with a utility pole on the Pacific Coast highway, with the impact sending the car, the driver and the passenger 30 feet below the road on a Pacific Palisades beach and resulting in the death of the passenger.
The car was travelling at 100 mph 1 photo
According to Inside Line, the car was being driven on a pair of S-bends inside the L.A. city limits, close to the Sunset Boulevard, going at a speed of around 100 mph (160 km/h), when the driver lost control and ended up hitting an utility pole.

The accident, which happened at 1:27 on Sunday cut the power in the area and caused the Pacific Coast highway to be closed in both directions for around six hours. The police is currently investigating the matter, willing to determine if alcohol was involved in the situation.


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