Ferrari Club Trackday 2016 Is a Shaken and Stirred Prancing Horse Cocktail

When it came to running his business, Enzo Ferrari cared little about anything else other than his racecars. However, since he had to fund his track activities, the Prancing Horse strived to deliver brilliant street machines and the ultimate velocity purpose shined through.
Ferrari track day 1 photo
But what do you do when you're at a track day, surrounded by tons of other Ferraris, and everybody has a machine that's built to go overly fast? You enjoy yourself, that's what you do.

The thing we love the most about Maranello machines is that, in their quest for speed, they place driving thrills high on the list of priorities. As opposed to the clinical style of McLarens, the look-at-me attitude displayed by Lamborghinis or the balance-obsessed mentality over at Porsche, Ferraris are always ready to give up a tiny bit of their other assets to make the driver as happy as possible.

This is one of the reasons the Prancing Horse tries to prevent its halo car from being included in instrumented comparison tests. In fact, if memory serves us well, it took almost two years for the LaFerrari to be featured in a proper comparo also involving the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder (in case you missed it, here's the link to the three-episode feature).

And yes, the Ferrari didn't come first in terms of sheer numbers. But it more than made up for the infinitesimal difference thanks to the character treat mentioned above.

Returning to the track shenanigan we're talking about here, the video below shows how things go at a Ferrari track day. The footage brings us plenty of action from a recent adventure held by the Ferrari Club The Netherlands, which took place on the TT Assen track. Hit the "play" button below and you'll get to see over 50 Prancing Horses doing their thing.

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