Ferrari Ask for KERS Delay

Luca di Montezemolo has spoken against the introduction of KERS in Formula One this season. Not only that, but the Ferrari CEO argued that such a move would increase costs inside the sport, a path that FIA is actually trying to avoid taking in the near future. In an interview for Italian newspaper Autosprint, the Ferrari official insisted that FIA should postpone the technology for at least until after 2010.

“The future looks very complicated with these new regulations. We feel introducing KERS already this year was a mistake, even though we're in favor of F1 being a technological springboard. But the energy recovery system in the races will in any case be very different from the road system.”

“It's true, however, that the costs are prohibitive, and with FOTA we've studied important proposals in order to meet Max Mosley's fair requests regarding spending cuts. The engine for three GPs for ten million euros means the cost is halved compared to 2008. In 2011 we'll get to five millions, compared to 20 millions from four years before then. On top of that, there is the reduction of testing to 15,000 kms.”

“I think we need to rely on good sense: the general one, and the FIA world council's one. Our proposals approved for 2009 set an example. We have two objectives: to help the smaller teams, and to allow F1 to still do research and innovation, also for fuel suppliers. It's unthinkable that the big car manufacturers can accept to re-badge the engines built by someone else”, said Di Montezemolo.

It's already a known fact that Ferrari are way behind developing their KERS unit for 2009. The Scuderia's technical director Aldo Costa previously admitted that Ferrari will have plenty of work ahead trying to get a functional unit by March 2009, while also announcing the possibility that Ferrari will not be benefiting from KERS in the opening stages of next season.

Later on, Force India would part company with Ferrari for 2009, setting up a new deal with rivals McLaren Mercedes for engine, KERS, gearbox and hydraulic system supply.

However, BMW insisted that FIA should go ahead and allow teams to use KERS in 2009 as planned. The German team focused on their 2009 programme from as early as mid-2008 and are supposedly ahead of their competition in setting up a workable KERS unit by Melbourne 2009.
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