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Ferrari 550 GT Engine Fastener Screw Sells for $610

The engine is the heart of a car and owning parts of it can be compared with trying to capture bits of its soul, especially if you are an avid collector. Speaking of this, the Ferrari Shop is actually selling a handcrafted methacrylate sculpture that contains an original engine fastener screw from one of their racing cars.
Ferrari 550 GT Engine Fastener Screw 1 photo
You should know the fastener screw is basically one of the most important parts of an engine. It seems crazy, but the High-Tech components in every race engine are only as strong as the fasteners are holding them together. And that is exactly what the race geniuses from Maranello are selling online.

Of course, it couldn’t have been just any screw, so they had to make it important, to turn it into one of those must have Cavallino Rampante collectors urge for. Well, they took an original Ferrari 550 Maranello GT engine fastener screw (or a bolt, how people also call it) and inserted it in a methacrylate sculpture.

According to its creators, the Ferrari logo is applied on the inside using a special screen-printing technique. It comes in a Ferrari red gift box with logo and a certificate describing the article.

The 6x6x14 cm fastener will cost you $610 (€450 / £ 366) but it will literally bring you closer to a racing car that actually was used in the FFSA GT Championship (Championnat de France FFSA GT) and the 2003 24 Hours of Le Mans, amongst other races.


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