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Ferrari 488 with F40 Aero Is the One-Off Maranello Needs to Build

Over the last decade, Ferrari has stepped up its super-special game, with the Italians constantly delivering such toys, whether we're talking about one-offs or machines whose production numbers can be measured in dozens.
Ferrari 488 with F40 Aero: render 1 photo
In fact, a recent effort of the sort is the SP38. Based on the 488 GTB, this is a one-off built for an overly loyal customer. The thing packs a few nods to the company's heritage, from the 308 GTB-like bumper lip to the F40-inspired louvered engine cover.

Well, as those of you tuned into our render tales are well aware, the Internet just can't leave special machines alone these days, which is how we end up with all sorts of mashups.

And a recent adventure of the sort, which comes from digital star Nicolas Proulx (check out his Intagram posts below), brings us a 488 that has received an ever more serious transformation.

Dubbed F48, this pixel tou gifts the 488 with more than a few F40 styling cues. We're referring to elements such as the rear wing, as well as the black stripe running across the body and multiple front-end elements (note that while pop-up headlights are on the list, these remain hidden).

In our book, the mix seems to work really well. In fact, we were so pleased with the result that we decided to also feature a second work of the kind, which you can also find below.

This gifts the 488 with aero elements borrowed from the LM incarnation of the Ferrari F40. And while purists might have mixed feeling about this, there are plenty of aficionados out there who would prefer this render to become a reality.

And now that Maranello has started taking a more serious look at its past, as the recent Monza SP1 and SP2 have shown, we should get to see more machines of the sort landing in the real world.


Ferrari F48 Should this become reality? A manual gated shifter 488 with a F40-ish body. Pop-Ups not included 

A post shared by Nicolas Proulx (@fmpnick) on Oct 24, 2018 at 7:01pm PDT


Ferrari F48 LM You’ve seen the F48 now what about an LM version? 3Á Thoughts?  #Ferrari #F40 #WeCanAllDream

A post shared by Nicolas Proulx (@fmpnick) on Oct 26, 2018 at 7:01pm PDT


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