Ferrari 488 Pista Spider in Gold and Gray Feels Like a Duoblock Dream Come True

Although it was on sale for a very brief period (2015-2019) and was quickly succeeded by the mesmerizing F8 series, a Ferrari 488 should neither be treated lightly nor with ease.
Ferrari 488 Pista Spider AL13 Wheels 6 photos
Ferrari 488 Pista Spider AL13 WheelsFerrari 488 Pista Spider AL13 WheelsFerrari 488 Pista Spider AL13 WheelsFerrari 488 Pista Spider AL13 WheelsFerrari 488 Pista Spider AL13 Wheels
This is, first and foremost, simply because we are dealing with a 1,500-kg (3,308 lbs.) monster that will eat any highway at the tune of its rear mid-engine 3.9-liter F154 CB twin-turbo V8 and punish anyone who dares to disrespect the seven-speed DCT and RWD layout. Oh, but it can also be a superbly eerie companion if you want.

And there is no need to take our word for granted, as we have very conclusive evidence. Albeit, it does come from extremely far away. So, the good folks over at performance wheel specialist AL13 Wheels Design + Technik now want to highlight a custom Ferrari build that was created by Premier Autowerkz, a Jakarta, Indonesia aftermarket specialist. Over there, fine weather is probably not an issue yet, so we are dealing with a cool open-top Ferrari 488 of the Pista Spider variety.

Frankly, this Prancing Horse may look almost inconspicuous thanks to a stunning gray paintjob (or wrap, who even knows these crazy bespoke days) if not for the four ‘little’ AL13 details. Those would be the company’s D005 duo-block aftermarket wheels, all ritzily dressed up with a Gloss Brushed Gold finish! But what happens if you want something closer to the good U.S. of A?

Well, no worries, we also have additional aftermarket cookies from Brixton Forged and HRE Wheels. First, here is Orange County, California SSR Performance’s McLaren 720S that looks so darn green and RYFT-black that we almost missed the Brixton Forged PF10 Carbon+ attire because they were too dark and menacing.

So, as a third counterpoint, there is also the Wheels Boutique and HRE collaboration for a bright orange 992-series Porsche 911 GT3 that sits tidily on a set of R101LWs basking in a Brushed Dark Clear coating. Thus, which one is your custom poison?


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