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Ferrari 488 Pista "Battle Car" Was Designed for Dogfights

From the most obscure corners of the Internet, to a dedicated subreddit (that would be r/battlecars), there are plenty of places where car lovers gather to discuss automobiles that have been converted into fighting machines. So this repurposed Ferrari 488 Pista sitting before us might not be as wacky as it seems.
Ferrari 488 Pista "Battle Car" renderings 4 photos
Ferrari 488 Pista "Battle Car" renderingFerrari 488 Pista "Battle Car" renderingFerrari 488 Pista "Battle Car" rendering
For one, the Prancing Horse looks like it packs the kind of weapons that could help it address a dogfight - I've successfully attempted to end a battle between two canines by splashing them with water, but what do you do when two jet fighters engage in combat and you're stuck on the ground? You use the roof-mounted cannon of this Fezza, of course.

As for the mind behind these pixels, we're talking about a 19-year old artist called Nguyen Duy Hung. And, judging by his Instagram description, this gear head lives by the rules of combat: "Dreamchaser. Designer. Survived 19 years,"

Then again, we can't call this 488 Pista "normal", either. Heck, even if we look past the said roof firepower and the... triple-wishbone front setup that involves additional weapons, we'll find plenty of elements that draw attention. Should I mention the way in which the tracks of the vehicle were extended here? Definitely.

The list goes on with the rear wing, which isn't too different from the one McLaren uses on the Senna. Oh, and let's not overlook the lower aero "armor" of the Maranello toy (as if this wasn't eccentric enough on its own, the neon-gold pinstriping is there to help). As for the Japanese number plates, the purpose is to... well, this is anybody's guess.

Come to think of it, the Pista can make a good starting point for a battle vehicle, especially since this track special is as agile as they get. And you'll need those swift reactions when you're in the middle of a brawl, won't you?


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