Ferrari 488 GTB Still Testing on Fiorano, Final Twin-Turbo Tweaking Underway

Ferrari may have introduced the 488 GTB back in May at the Geneva Motor Show, but the Italian engineers are still doing the final tweaking on the supercar, with the twin-turbo machine recently spotted testing on the Prancing Horse's Fiorano track.
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With Ferrari being Ferrari, every little detail of the supercar has to be perfect. Since Maranello has been away from the twin-turbo table for over two decades now, they are now determined to polish their setup to perfection.

Sure, the California T has already opened up the new forced induction possibilities, but the bar is obviously higher with the 488 supercar.
The challenges Maranello faces
The obvious part is ensuring the twin-turbo setup doesn't alter the character of the car. These days, the no-turbo-lag setup is what most people seek, with the explosive character of the F40, the last TT Ferrari of the old days, being a thing of the past.

For instance, the engineers have worked with the California T to limit torque in the lower gears, to deliver a linear setup that tends to resemble that of an atmospheric engine.

Then there's the handling side of the equation. Ferraris have always been tail-happy. With the extra turbo torque thrown onto the rear end, the E-Diff and the F1 Trac traction control need to be updated.

Coupe and Spider
Last time we spied the 488, which happened earlier this month, we spotted the open-top version of the machine alongside the coupe. Just like the 458 Spider, the open-air 488 will provide performance that sits at the same level with that of the Coupe.

As for the designation of the more romantic model, there are two possibilities. Ferrari could follow the 458 naming scheme thus using the 458 Spider name. On the other hand, they could call it the 488 GTS, with the final letter standing for "Spider".

In theory, Ferrari should wait until 2017 to launch the 488 Spider, but there are plenty of chances to see it arriving next year.

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