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Ferrari 488 Becomes Fiat 500L and Ford F-150 Raptor Merges into a Jaguar: Extreme Car Mashups

Buying extreme machines is never easy, as their painful price is only a part of the efforts you have to make in order to bring such vehicles into your life. But what if we could have supercars with roomy cabins and failed automotive marriages that can be fixed?
Ferrari 488 Becomes Fiat 500L 4 photos
Ford F150 Rapor as JaguarPagani Huayra becomes a Mercedes C63 AMG T-ModellFerrari 488 Becomes Fiat 500L
Well, we’d probably end up with oddities such as the ones rendered here. Brace yourself, some of the most extreme car mashups we’ve ever seen are here to haunt you.

The renderings, which come from carwow (they have a longer list of mashups), are here to troll, and they hit their target bang on, but we also see some stuff here that we’d love to drive in real life.

This, however, doesn’t apply to the... Fiari 488L. Sure, the Prancing Horse’s 488 has barely reached the streets yet, as the supercar is scheduled to make its debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. But what if it were to crash into a FIAT 500L and then land into a body shop willing to patch things up?Let’s just say we prefer Ferrari’s own take on the family man’s GT, namely the FF.
At the other end of the scale, we find the Mergani H-Class. Both the Pagani Huayra and the Mercedes C63 AMG T-Modell are extremely enjoyable to drive and seeing the two joining forces wouldn’t mind us at all.

Sure, this would mean the AMG-supplied twin-turbo V12 of the Pagani would have to be moved from the center of the car to its nose, but such a compromise would be entirely acceptable given the result.

As for the divorce we mentioned in the intro, this Jaguar Ford-Type rendering stands as a testament to the poor decision the Blue Oval took when it gave up on the Big Cat.

With Jaguar now being prepared to introduce their F-Pace at Frankfurt, this Ford F150 Raptor melange comes to stir the waters.

PS: the spell checker suggested the name "Morgan" instead of "Mergani", but that's another story for another time.


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