Ferrari 458 Wrapped in Italian Flag For Sale

If you’re in Sweden and want to show your pizza-eating heritage as a Ferrari-driving expat, this is the car for you. It’s a 458 Italia wrapped in the Italian flag and it’s for sale on Swedish dealership Autoropa’s official website.
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Ferrari 458 ItaliaFerrari 458 ItaliaFerrari 458 ItaliaFerrari 458 ItaliaFerrari 458 Italia
The asking price is SEK 1,995,000, which is about €222,000 at the current exchange rate or $278,000. For the money, you get the obvious flag and the instant recognition that you are wearing your country’s colors with pride on a really expensive car.

This car has been featured on our website before, back in November of last year, when the internet was buzzing at the sight of this customized supercar. Since then, the car has not received any other mods, which is good considering what the owner has already altered!

Source: GT Spirit


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