Ferrari 458 Spider Mansory Siracusa Monaco Edition Is One Scary-Sounding Machine

Every once in a while, we need videos such as this one to remind us why supercars are cars with “super” in front of them.
Ferrari 458 Spider Mansory Siracuse Monaco Limited Edition 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
There are two types of amateur car videos flooding the internet lately: the first kind show us young people doing stupid things on the streets of London in their fast, expensive and very often extremely loud cars; the second also uses the streets of a well-known city as backdrop, but this category is a lot less law-infringing.

I’m talking, of course, about the supercars spotted on the streets of Monaco. But while we’ve seen plenty of cars filmed while waiting in the queue to launch off towards the tunnel or rumbling idle at a traffic light, this video is very different.

This one shows us the action from inside the car. Well, since it’s a Ferrari 458 Spider Mansory Siracusa Monaco Limited Edition we’re talking about, it’s pretty hard to decide what is inside and what is outside the open-top car.

Nevertheless, it presents the perfect opportunity to remember why we love these cars so much. They are so violent, so unforgiving, you might actually allow yourself to be fooled by the somewhat friendly looks of the 458 Italia. Even though the Mansory conversion does add a little teeth to the somewhat benign exterior design of the 458.

But just look at the two heads of the supercar’s occupants: do you see them standing still for at least one moment? It’s like a pair of bobbleheads on the dashboard of a bus driving through rural India - rocking back and forth and left and right the whole time.

With the camera installed right on top of the atmospheric V8 engine, we’re getting the best seats in the house for the aural drama that this powerplant can deliver. And the thundering exhaust note isn’t half bad either. As for when it enters the famous tunnel... that’s enough to make grown men wet their pants.

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