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Ferrari 458 Speciale Knocks Down Pole, Gets a Black Eye as a Result

The value of the Ferrari 458 Speciale hasn’t gone up overnight, as this one does not appear to be a write off. Nonetheless, it is going to cost a small fortune to bring it back to its original condition.
Ferrari 458 Speciale 6 photos
Ferrari 458 SpecialeFerrari 458 SpecialeFerrari 458 SpecialeFerrari 458 SpecialeFerrari 458 Speciale
Supposedly one of two yellow 458 Speciale Aperta supercars registered in the Czech Republic, it has seen much better days. We don’t know what happened in the moments before the crash, but the aftermath pictures shared on social media by supercar.fails earlier this week reveal some extensive damages.

Having almost knocked down a pole at an undisclosed date, it stopped on the sidewalk on a road somewhere in the European country. It has several bruises up front, including a deep scar on the left fender, next to the headlight, and some scratches on the side skirt. The airbag has deployed as a result of the close encounter of the third kind with the vertical solid object, yet fortunately, it seems that the driver walked away.

If you’re aware of additional pictures of the aftermath, or perhaps a video of the incident, feel free to share them with us in the comments area down below. Also, if you know whose fault it was for this eye-watering crash and if there were other vehicles involved, then, by all means, do the same.

Meanwhile, we will remind you that the 458 Speciale holds a special place in Ferrari’s stable. It is a more track-focused version of the normal 458, sporting a few visual and technical upgrades. Only 499 copies of the Speciale Aperta were assembled in Maranello, next to 3,000 units of the coupe.

Both versions of the 458 Speciale use a tuned 4.5-liter V8, making 596 hp (605 ps / 445 kW) and 398 lb-ft (540 Nm) of torque. The open-top model can hit 62 mph (100 kph) in 3.0 seconds from a standstill and has a 199 mph (320 kph) maximum speed.


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