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Ferrari 458 Italia Rides on Pur Wheels

It’s pretty difficult to visually tune a Ferrari 458 Italia and get it right, as the supercar offers an uber-cool mix of ingredients to make your mind go wild as it comes from the factory. However, the situation dramatically changes when you throw in a set of custom rims, which not only change the looks, but also bring a bit of extra tech value to the car.
Ferrari 458 Italia on Pur Wheels 4 photos
Ferrari 458 Italia on Pur WheelsFerrari 458 Italia on Pur WheelsFerrari 458 Italia on Pur Wheels
Case in point with the adjacent images, which show a 458 sitting on PUR Design rims. The supercar has been fitted with a set of 1NE wheels, which come in a 21x9-inch size at the front and in a 22x10-inch size at the rear.The design of the rollers
The wheels come with a simple, double-five spoke design that seems to fit the styling of the 458. Yes, some people, ourselves included, consider modern Ferraris to be less than expected in terms of their visual potential. But you can't help approve of the aerodynamic efficiency of these Maranello machines, which juggle with downforce and drag as if they were stuntmen.

When it comes to the way in which the standard wheels of the 458 fill the arches of the car, tuning extremists feel the gap up front is a bit too large. This is the reason for which many of them turn to lowering suspensions. We wouldn't recommend this solution though, since fiddling with the delicate ride and handling balance of a supercar is not something you want to do.

In terms of the finish, the PUR wheels seen here comes with a glossy shade of Black, which follows the pattern set by the vehicle's factory hue. While plenty of owners go with a contrasting scheme that catches the eye, we like the discreet tone given by the Black-on-Black combination.

We're inviting you to enjoy it all in an autumn landscape...


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