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Ferrari 458 GT Pre-Season Testing

At the start of every new year, people have a lot to look forward to, but the story goes even further for automotive enthusiasts. Let us explain. One of the sweetest worlds for car afficionados is the motorsport one and the first months of the year are like a morning coffee for racing fans.

As the teams are testing their vehicles for the fresh season, things are quickly heating up, lighting motorsport fans’ fire and keeping them warm in the cold season.

We’re more than happy to offer you an example that perfectly illustrates how rollcaged machines with slick tires serve as cup of coffee. The subject of this story is the new Ferrari 458 GT - the yellow-eyed demon (this isn’t one for Supernatural fans, the vehicle actually has yellow eyes as you can... see).

Extreme Sport Motorsport (ESM), which ran a pair of F430 GTs for the 2010 season will switch to a pair of 458GTs for this year. The team is offering the world, via Jonsibal (you can following this link for the full gallery) a preview of its latest testing session.

We have to admit, the role of an American Le Mans hero perfectly suits the 458 and we can’t wait to see the racer in action. The vehicle has enough time to get up close and personal with the motorsport world in preparation for this year’s season, as the first 2011 American Le Mans Series event is scheduled to take place on March 18th - the 12 Hours of Sebring.


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