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Ferrari 412 Becomes a "Pickup Truck Sports Car"

When you say Ferrari you think of so many other things but a truck, or at least that’s what most of us do, anyway. The mad scientists at the London Motor Group thought they’ll surprise us so they recently took an 1989 Ferrari 412 and replaced its trunk and rear seats with tea truck bed.
Ferrari 412 Pick Up Truck 8 photos
Ferrari 412 Pick up TruckFerrari 412 Pick up TruckFerrari 412 Pick up TruckFerrari 412 Pick up TruckFerrari 412 Pick up TruckFerrari 412 Pick up TruckFerrari 412 Pick up Truck
The “customized” Ferrari was created by London Motor Group for the History Channel’s “Ultimate Wheels” show, hosted by Elo and Will. Funny or not, they actually called it “Ferrari Chop-up” on the show’s website. The two British hosts, that also own the London Motor Museum and the London Supercar Workshop, removed the trunk and rear seats and turned the sports car into one of a kind truck.

With a rear floor looking like a wooden sauna if you ask us, the 1989 Ferrari was shown along a VW camper, a Ford Mustang, a Group B rally-inspired Audi and other “amazing conversions”, as Elo explained on the site.

After they mutilated the car made by one of the manufacturers that officially said they will never make a sedan or a SUV, they also added a tacky hood scoop and a Banf and Olufsen sound system. However, they did manage to leave the 4.9-litter V12 engine alone.

In case you haven’t heard about them, you’ll want to know that Elo is the founder of the London Motor Museum, the only custom car museum in Europe. It is home to an unique collection of privately owned American and European classic cars of the automobile era ranging from the 50’s until the late 80’s.

Well, the only thing we can hope for is that they’re not planning to make similar experiments on all of those classics.


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