Ferrari 250 GTO: Probably the Coolest Car Ever

Today is the day that the LaFerrari reviews come out from under the embargo, all of them filled with buzzwords and shots of the new 963 horsepower hypercar lapping its home track. But we don't care about any of that right now, because this classic piece of jewelry has caught out attention, the 250 GTO.
Ferrari GTO 1 photo
Automobile collectors spend millions to own one of these jewels and with only 36 existing in the world, every one of them is treated like it's really special. On the latest episode of Petrolicious, Derek Hill, the son of famous racing driver Phil Hill, talks about his experience with a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO. It's chassis number 5571, the first of the series II and only of only three built in this body style.

Like the 599 GTO which went out of production before the F12 arrived, the 250 GTO has a V12 engine. But this one is a tiny 3-liter with lots of carburetors beautifully stacked in the engine bay. They really don't make them like they used to.

Even if you're not a classic car fan, we assure you this next video will result in 8 minutes of speechlessness. From the classic lines to the eargasmic sound, this Ferrari has something the new boys can't possibly offer, no matter how much power they produce.

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