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Fernando Alonso Teases Honda, Likes the Acura NSX

Honda was in Formula One as an entrant, constructor and engine supplier between 1964 and 2008, but you probably know by now that the Japanese are going full speed this year joining forces with McLaren for a comeback. Whether it has anything to do with the fact Fernando Alonso will be the racer representing them or not, the two-time F1 champ sure likes the new Acura NSX.
Fernando Alonso 1 photo
If there were a couple of really nice surprises at this year’s Detroit International Auto Show that would probably be the Ford GT and Honda’s new hybrid sportscar. Not that we’re saying these two are competitors, since one is a hybrid and the other one fights on a different horsepower class. But in a way they are.

Point is, celebrities out there sort of made their choice already. People such as Jerry Seinfeld, who bought one at the spot, or rapper Ludacris, who is an Acura fan and who clearly stated he likes the new sportscar, have already chosen sides. And we’re pretty sure a lot of others will follow, but when it comes to what professional drivers go for, then things move to a bigger level.

People like Fernando Alonso Diaz really know what they’re doing and when they like a new model, no matter if it’s a street car, the auto industry should pay attention. After all, we’re talking about a Spanish Formula One racing driver who is a two-time World Champion. El Nano recently posted images with the new Acura NSX, telling his 2.2 million fans what his next car will be.

Is it product placement since in a way Alonso and Honda are collaborating, or is it really his choice? We don’t really know, but we’ll soon find out, won’t we?


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