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Fern Dropper Post Is Specifically Designed for Kids, Takes Their Riding to the Next Level

Those who tried a dropper seat post on their bike never went back to rigid ones. Height-adjustable seat posts considerably increase the safety of the rider and offer more control. PNW Components wants to give kids a taste of the good life too, with their new Fern Kids dropper post.
PNW Components Fern Kids Post 6 photos
PNW Components Fern Kids PostPNW Components Fern Kids PostPNW Components Fern Kids PostPNW Components Fern Kids PostPNW Components Fern Kids Post
Advanced bikers use dropper posts all the time, on steep descents, for jumps and other technical sections, and even on flat terrain when cornering, to get more grip. While they can clearly improve your riding experience on any type of bike, they were initially designed for mountain bikes, where they prove to be the most useful, because that’s where the terrain is the most challenging. In fact, a lot of high-end bikes include it as a standard nowadays.

When you are mountain biking, you need to be able to quickly shift your body weight from one side to the other, to the back, or to the front, depending on the conditions. An adjustable seat post makes that job so much easier because it allows you to lower and raise the height of the seat by simply maneuvering a lever, just like you would an office chair. When you push the lever and apply weight to the seat, the saddle will lower. Push the lever once more while taking your weight off the saddle and the seat will come back up. The lever is usually located on the handlebar or even on the seat post itself.

While more and more adult riders have become familiar with the system and use dropper posts all the time, there aren’t so many great options for kids. PNW Components recently launched the Fern kids post, which makes riding so much more fun for the little ones.

The Fern was designed specifically for young riders, in a way that allows them to drop the saddle without any effort. It has a cartridge that can operate at really low pressures, which means much less weight is required to lower the saddle. The cartridge supports riders with weights ranging from 44 to 110 lb (20 to 50 kg).

With a 90 mm (3.5 in) travel and a 27.2 mm (1.07 in) diameter, the Fern dropper weighs 500 grams (17 oz) and is made of 7075 aluminum alloy. While it doesn’t include the lever, it is compatible with all the PNW levers and most cable-actuated levers from other brands as well.

The Fern dropper post is designed for any weather conditions and fits a variety of bikes, even as your kid gets older.

You can order the Fern for $200.

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