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Ferdinand Porsche’s Nazi Affiliation Prevents Street Renaming

Porsche have chosen Atlanta, Georgia as the city where they will be building their American headquarters. They plan to invest some $100-million, to createa a state of the art building complex, which will contain (among others) a green roof, a race track and a restaurant.
Porsche and Hitler 1 photo
However, not everything is going smoothly, as the site chosen for the construction of the new complex was once home to a huge Ford factory, which was located on the same street, called Henry Ford II Avenue. Porsche immediately wanted to change the name of the avenue, to Ferdinand Porsche, but they were refused on the grounds of his affiliation with the Nazi regime.

Porsche was one of Hitler’s most appreciated engineers, who helped the German war effort considerably, by designing tanks, back in the 1940s. An agreement has, apparently, been reached, and the street will simply be called Porsche Avenue, a much simpler and better name, anyway.

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