Fenice Milano Paris Purple Rolls-Royce Ghost Sold

When aftermarket developer Fenice Milano created the renderings for its Paris Purple Rolls Royce Ghost there weren’t many that believed this would actually be turned into a real car. However, the tuner has recently announced that it has found a customer who wants his Ghost to look just like this.
Thus, Fenice Milano is currently transforming the vehicle in its shop and to get an idea of the things to come you can check out the adjacent video. The luxury sedan comes with a two-tone finish that features purple and real 24 karat gold, carbon rims and other goodies. As for the interior, this is gifted with special materials, such as gold, carbon fiber and leather.

Fenice Milano didn’t offer too much info about the owner, only mentioning that we are talking about a celebrity, so we’ll be back with more details as soon as we get our hands on them.


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