Feeling Nature's Call with Nowhere to Go in Sight? The Van-GO Has You Covered

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Anthony Anderson driving the Charmin Van-GOCharmin Van-GO
The last thing you want to worry about while walking through a busy city is where to go when you need to go. That's one of the most basic needs of the human race, so city planning should start with it in mind.
Still, finding a public toilet can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have even the slightest concerns about personal hygiene. Others need a lot more privacy than it is provided by the usual stalls to conduct their business, so visiting these regular facilities is a stressful necessity.

Luckily for them, there is now a solution. It's called the Charmin Van-GO, and over the past weekend, it's been stationed in Manhattan ready to answer the call of anyone in need.

The idea of a mobile, on-demand personal toilet might seem a little over the top, but just like you tend to ignore the cost - or the limited size of your stomach - when you're hungry, we all know you also stop thinking straight when your insides tell you it's time. Sorry, we meant IT'S TIME!

Yeah, sure, you might have recognized the Charmin name and figured this was all a promotional stunt, and it most definitely is, but think about it: wouldn't it be nice if, besides Uber and Lyft, you also had the alternative to hail a mobile bathroom so you could actually get something done while on the move?

The Charmin Van-GO lets you do everything you can do inside a car from your regular ride-hailing services, and at least two more things that you can't. Well, at least not without the driver calling the police and you never getting picked up ever again by anyone from that company.

As a toilet paper company, Charmin knows it needs to have a relaxed take on the object of its activity, and so it does. Most people might think that talking about what goes on in the bathroom is taboo, but Charmin has a choice: either it does, or it gives up on promoting its products altogether.

It even hooked 'Blackish' star Anthony Anderson to help with the campaign and act as the Van-GO's driver for one day. You can listen to him talk about the project in the second video at the bottom of the page - right after the cringe-worthy first one (the bit about Charmin starts around the 11:30 mark).

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