Fastest Street-Legal Car in the World Is a Chevy Pickup Truck Pulling 5s Quarter Mile Runs

When talking about the fastest street-legal car in the world, it can be difficult to offer this title to a particular car, simply because some race their rigs on the Nurburgring, while others do it on the drag strip. For now, we’ll stick to the quarter mile part and bring you the world’s quickest street-legal car, which is actually... a Chevy pickup truck.
Fastest street-legal car in the world: Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
We’ve talked about Larry Larson and his ridiculously quick Chevrolet S-10 truck before, but now the man has taken everything to a whole new level, with his S-10 becoming the first street-legal machine to pull a 5s quarter mile run. To be more precise, the truck did a 5.95s run at 244.43 mph (393.5 km/h).

The truck isn’t... always 100 percent street legal

Larry doesn’t exactly drive the Chevrolet from the Interstate to the drag strip, as he does have to make a few adjustments. Before running the quarter mile you see in the clip below, the car had its steel doors swapped with carbon fiber units featuring fixed windows.

A series of weight removal measures also followed, with a list of parts being removed from the vehicle, including the various cooler fans, rear gas tank and fuel pump, side exhaust, as well as the dashboard and passenger seat.

A smaller tank remained in the car, which was topped off with methanol, while the rear dampers and the wheels were also changed.

Before you question the street legal part here, we have to explain that the S-10 just drove over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) between tracks last week, while it has already gone though over a dozen of these extreme drag stunts.

The technical specifications

The 4.3-liter Vortec V6 that used to power this Chevrolet was scrapped in favor of a Pro Line 620 ci (10.1 liters) Chevy big block. The V8 was gifted with a pair of massive turbos (98 mm Precision Turbo Gen 2 Pro Mod, which are not intercooled, since the drag-spec alcohol reduces the intake charge. Like we said, this S-10 features a secondary fuel system used for running on the street, which does run on gas.

Further down the power line, we find a three-speed automatic, as well as a Strange aluminum housing for the 3.90:1 rear end and the 40-spline axle shafts.

As for the chassis, the truck keeps its steel bedsides and cabm but the chassis is a SFI-spec unit now. Fret not, the windshield frame is the original one, including the VIN tag that allows this monster to use a license. Not quite sure of the bed’s capacity though...

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