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BMW 435d xDrive M Sport 7 photos
Photo: Autocar
BMW 435d xDrive ReviewBMW 435d xDrive ReviewBMW 435d xDrive ReviewBMW 435d xDrive ReviewBMW 435d xDrive ReviewBMW 435d xDrive Review
Things have changed over the last few years, diesels becoming more and more advanced, eventually reaching the performance level everyone expected to and overtaking their petrol counterparts. The same started applying in the BMW camp, despite people not thinking it possible.
For example, in more than one Series, the top diesel option is more powerful, has more torque and is faster than all the petrol counterparts. The 4 Series is not an exception.

The 435d model is the best of the best out of the bunch, delivering incredible performance for such a small car. It’s fitted with BMW’s biturbo 3-liter inline 6-cylinder N57 engine making 313 HP and 630 Nm (467 lb-ft) of torque almost at any time. With such power at its disposal, the car reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.7 seconds with the xDrive all-wheel drive system without which you cannot order one.

Compared to the petrol counterpart, the 435i xDrive, is 0.2 seconds slower despite being 100 kg lighter. That might not seem like a lot but when you drive the 435d you feel the torque in your lungs. It’s actually quite hard to describe.

The 630 Nm (467 lb-ft) of torque will absolutely crush you back against the seat and the way they are delivered is quite unusual for a Bimmer. They come sudden, somewhere around 1,750 RPM unlike the more powerful N57S engine (the triturbo diesel on the M50d X5 or M550d) that has 740 Nm at its disposal and yet it delivers them in a lot more civilized manner, nearly making you wonder if there is such a massive amount of torque under the bonnet, especially if you’ve driven the 435d beforehand as I happened to.

In the corners, thanks to the xDrive system, the car actually understeers a bit with the default setting of 40:60 front to back power distribution it has which is quite surprising at first. However, setting the traction control just right and getting a bit more courage you can get the back end to slide, quite easily, since the AWD platform allows the engine to send 100% of the power to the rear axle.

Of course, fuel consumption is also miles ahead of the petrol counterpart, literally. Take into account the fact that this is a 6-cylinder diesel and it’s more than smooth all the time, you’ll get the best option for the money, in my opinion. Add the fact that the only competition at the moment, the A5, doesn’t have such a powerful diesel in its offering into the mix and this is, by far, the best choice you can make.

Via: Autocar
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