Fast Scooter Crashes into SUV Doing a Weird Turn

Again, Russian roads and one more scooter versus SUV crash. No horrible aftermath, but a crash is not pleasant event for anyone in their right mind. And again, both guys are to blame, even though the guy riding the scooter had the right to pass.
First of all, it's the weird way to turn left for the guy in the SUV. We've seen a lot of these lately and it just looks like the drivers are indeed very poor at steering. There was more than enough room to turn the car onto the street on the left with a smooth, constant circling move, without that right-side wobble.

In some cases such a maneuver could even trick other people into believing the respective car is a bout to pull over, and inadvertently being surprised to see the very opposite. A wide turning circle would be expected from some guy driving a long truck or so, but this guy is either a very poor driver, or just changed his mind in the last instant.

Now, for the unhelmeted scooter rider: he was indeed coming in with too much speed, and we'd estimate he was over the legal 50 km/h (31 mph) limit enforced in most European cities. And even so, he was clearly not able to react properly at this speed.

And his crash is the very proof: he just brakes and falls, whereas the SUV driver is already stopped and there was enough space to swerve and pass unharmed. But at least he's back on his feet, meaning he got away pretty well, after all.
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