Fast and Furious 7 Trailer to Be Released on the 1st November

The production crew of the latest installment in Universal’s hugely popular The Fast and The Furious street-racing franchise has recently announced the official release date of the movie’s trailer. Set for the 1st of November, it will be posted on the movie’s Facebook page. Until then, the studio will release a seven-second video each day on the site, showing behind-the-scenes moments.
Furious 7 poster 1 photo
Officially called Furious 7, the poster of the movie actually has a CGI version of Paul Walker, as it was done after the tragic death of the famous actor. The trailer launch event will be held at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, but fans will also be able to follow the live broadcast starting at noon Pacific time on the Fast & Furious Facebook page and on E!. For those who want to attend in person, tickets are available starting today on the franchise’ social pages.

A video summary of the Fast & Furious saga

In their marketing spree, Universal Studious are offering fans the chance to interact with their favorite actors. Folks are invited to submit their questions online for actors to answer at the live event. Those who want to do that need to go to the Instagram account, submit a video and use the hashtag #AskFurious7, or by simply leaving a comment.

Meanwhile, fans can take a look back at the Fast & Furious saga through a video summary of all the previous movies recently posted on Facebook.

Why such a big fuss?

Now, in case you’re wondering why the new movie is such a big deal, we’ll take a second here to enlist a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s the last movie the late Paul Waker starred and it’s also supposed to be the best of the entire saga. One thing that stands out by itself is a first that Universal Studious decided to pull off in order to finish the movie without their main character.

After Paul Walker shockingly passed away in the horrible Porsche Carrera GT accident, the crew literally created a virtual version of the actor to star in the film, using a multitude of high-end special effects and doppelgangers, including Paul’s brother. The first image to show the result of the risky, yet interesting venture, is the actual poster of the movie, but we’ll wait for the trailer to see if it worked. Untill then, however, check out some of the best scenes of the entire franchise in the video below.


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