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Farruko's Latest Adventures Include a Ski-Doo and a Polaris Slingshot

When it comes to outdoor adventures, there are a lot of vehicles that could provide you with the most exclusive experience. All you need for that is money to afford them. And Farruko surely doesn’t shy away from a day in nature, drifting his Polaris Slingshot or enjoying himself on a Ski-Doo snowmobile.
Farruko and Polaris Slingshot 7 photos
Farruko and Polaris SlingshotFarruko and Polaris SlingshotFarruko and Polaris SlingshotFarruko and Friends Snow TubbingFarruko and Ski-DooFarruko and Ski-Doo
Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Farruko has a big love for everything on wheels, and, as his Instagram account proves it, the bigger, the better.

Among the vehicles the reggaeton singer has is a Lamborghini Urus, which he loves very much. He is so enamored with the SUV, that he even named a song after it. But we all know that cars are a big inspiration for many artists, and it’s only natural to give them a nod in their art since they are such a major part of their lives.

Although he does own some sleeker models like the Lamborghini Aventador, most of his collection includes bigger wheels. In his garage, you can find a Hummer H1, which is one of his favorite “toys,” and a red Ford Raptor. He also owns a KTM 1290 Super Duke R and a Can-Am. But now he’s stepping up a notch.

For the last few days, the singer has switched to something more... outdoorsy. At first, he showed off his Polaris Slingshot. In several videos, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter was on a trail in the mountains with his friends, filming himself as he listened to music and carefully drove along the path in the woods. In another video, though, he showed up drifting on his Polaris Slingshot, having a lot of fun.

The model he flaunted is an RZR XP 1000, which comes with a 1.0-liter 4-stroke DOHC twin-cylinder engine putting out 108 horsepower (110 ps). The three-wheeler reaches a top speed of 79 mph (127 kph). 

After enjoying himself on the Polaris Slingshot, Farruko shifted to another vehicle: a snowmobile. This time, he didn’t show us how he drove it through the mountains or tested its speed.

Instead, the singer looked cool as he shared a set of photos on a Ski-Doo snowmobile. Farruko sat at the helm of a Ski-Doo Grand Touring Sport 600 ACE E.S, in full winter gear. The vehicle is powered by a 4-stroke Rotax 600 ACE engine, and it has two seats. When it comes to speed, the snowmobile offers quite a thrill, reaching a top speed of 80 mph (129 kph).

In a different video, Farruko and his friends went down a slope as they tried snow tubbing, sat by the fire, and even spotted a deer.

All in all, Farruko seemed to have had a lot of fun in nature and wrote about how “thankful” he was. And all the fun vehicles he tried surely helped.


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