Farmhouse-Inspired Van Conversion Is the Perfect Weekend Getaway Motorhome

I think humans are all a bit nomadic at heart, and that’s because we crave freedom, and life on the road can be perceived as the greatest form of freedom. People have been living on the road for centuries before motorhomes or campervans were invented, and this might be imprinted in our DNAs.
Farmhouse-inspired van conversion 10 photos
Photo: Tiny Home Tours/YouTube
Farmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversionFarmhouse-inspired van conversion
While living in a van was frowned upon a decade or so ago, after enduring the consequences of the health crisis a couple of years back, many of us have a greater appreciation for motorhome living and the exploration opportunities it provides. At least for weekend getaways, if not for full-time living. It gives you the opportunity to live in beautiful places with breathtaking views and change the scenery outside your window whenever you are bored with it.

A talented woman who goes by the moniker Aries Soul Traveler has always loved traveling but paying $600 for a weekend stay in a hotel every time she wanted to explore a new location was no longer feasible. Vanlife turned out to be the perfect solution for her to keep experiencing new adventures without breaking the bank. She bought a van and built the perfect weekend getaway vehicle - a farmhouse-inspired van that serves as her own budget-friendly hotel room on wheels.

She says adventure is her second nature, and vanlife allows her to foster that side of her without compromising on comfort. And since she grew up on a farm, she wanted to incorporate as many rustic touches as possible into her van conversion. And she did a great job, as everything in this van, from the vintage appliances to chicken wire cabinets, reminds us of a cozy little farmhouse. Upon stepping inside, you almost expect it to smell like freshly baked bread and sweet tea brewing on the stove.

Farmhouse\-inspired van conversion
Photo: Tiny Home Tours/YouTube
This shabby-chic van conversion showcases how little we need to find peace and happiness. Despite being rather small, a couple of design techniques, like having a mainly white color palette throughout, help make the van feel more spacious, and everything inside somehow fits just right.

The woman hired a local carpenter to help her out with the van conversion. All the walls and cabinets are cream-colored weathered wood to give that cozy cottage vibe, while the pastel-colored appliances are also vintage-inspired. This makes for a perfect combination to bring up memories of your childhood when you used to spend your summer vacations at your grandma’s farmhouse.

Entering the van, you first step into the kitchen area. A vintage cabinet with a sliding barn door and deep drawers sits right behind the van’s passenger seat and serves as a pantry and storage for other tidbits. There is an open shelve above it that keeps jars and decor pieces.

Some chicken wire cabinets align against the side wall and bring in the farmhouse vibe. In terms of functionality, this kitchenette is equipped with a fridge that fits just right with the overall vintage theme and other small appliances like a coffee maker and toaster. There is no sink or stove in sight, but the woman says she carries a portable stove with her and that she does most of the cooking outside the van.

Farmhouse\-inspired van conversion
Photo: Tiny Home Tours/YouTube
Two AGM batteries connected to an inverter stowed away in one of the kitchen cabinets take care of the van’s electrical needs.

The area at the back of the van is used as a seating and dining space during the day and as a sleeping space at night. Two benches facing each other offer enough space for four people to sit and chat, while the storage compartments underneath hold items that the owner needs for camping, like the portable stove, a portable fireplace, a rug she places outside the van, a 6-gallon water tank, and a hammock swing that she uses at campsites.

A narrow shelf above one of the benches overflows with plants that green out the interior and bring a positive vibe. In terms of decor, the owner says it changes from one season to another, but you can clearly see she has a penchant for embroidered and knitted ornaments.

A small TV mounted on the wall and a vintage radio in the kitchen area keep her entertained during her weekend getaways.

There is not enough space inside the van for a fixed table, but she has a foldable table and chairs that she carries with her and mostly uses outside to enjoy the weather and the views. No indoor shower or toilet is present either, but I suppose it would be easy to find a place for a portable cassette toilet in one of the storage spaces.

This might not be the most well-equipped or comfortable van setup, but it’s definitely cozy and charming, and it could inspire many to start their own vanlife journey.

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