Faraday Future Picks Draexlmaier to Build Interior Consoles

Faraday Future announces partnership with DRÄXLMAIER to build interior consoles for its luxury electric vehicle, the FF91. 
Faraday Future FF91 Interior 6 photos
Faraday Future FF91Faraday Future FF91Faraday Future FF91Faraday Future FF91Faraday Future FF91

The upstart electric vehicle company began in 2014 and has been working hard to make it to production since then despite numerous setbacks. Since then, they've looked like the next great automotive company and the next failure depending on the day.

With this news of a partnership with DRÄXLMAIER it seems like Faraday Future is at least one luxurious console closer to sincere production. DRÄXLMAIER isn't a company that most automotive enthusiasts will be familiar with but many have experienced their high-end and often hand-made products.

They work hand in hand with multiple luxury automobile manufacturers including BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Porsche. One example of their work can be found on the interior door cards of the BMW i3. Take a close look at them and you'll notice the natural fibers, a direct result of work done at DRÄXLMAIER.

They specialize in executing the small details that other manufacturers might ignore or miss like interior pieces of different materials that need to come together. They also specialize in ambient lighting, a mainstay of even mid-level vehicles today.

DRÄXLMAIER has created multiple technologies centered around ambient lighting including one called dLight Dimension and dLight Dynamic. Dimension creates a 3D effect behind translucent panels while Dynamic uses a full RGB LED to communicate information.

Faraday Future says that DRÄXLMAIER, a 63-year-old company, will be creating the front and rear center consoles for the FF91. Faraday says that the FF91 will represent the next step in "Intelligent Internet Electic Vehicles."

Despite all the bad press and the hurdles the company has been working to overcome, it's exciting to think that the FF91 could actually make it onto public roads someday. The addition of DRÄXLMAIER as a component contributor seems like more than just a sign of life and we're always fans of that. 

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