Famous UK Motovlogger RoyalJordanian Almost Got Bike-Jacked

Remember those intense Brazilian motorcycle highjacks where two guys on a scooter catch up with a motorcyclist and steal his ride at gunpoint? Well, that thing is spreading throughout the world apparently, and it almost happened to RoyalJordanian recently.
bike thieves in London 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
You’d think that living in a city famous for the multitude of surveillance cameras makes you safer than anywhere else, but, as this clip shows, safety is kind of a relative thing these days.

Cool motorcycles are now so technology-packed that simply stealing one from a parking lot doesn’t mean you can also start it and have a joy ride. Reason why some bike thieves resort to stealing one in traffic by intimidating the owner to get off and run.

And Youtuber RoyalJordanian, or RJ, almost went through such an ordeal. As he was riding around the city of London, he spotted two guys on a scooter going the other way, which usually isn’t that uncommon in the area.

But immediately after going by they turned around and started chasing RJ who managed to see them in the rearview mirror. At first, it didn’t look dangerous, but the two were accelerating and desperately trying to catch up.

They did so at a stoplight and even pulled up close to RJ who thought they are definitely going to attack him at that point or at least reach for the BMW S1000R's key. Luckily, a police van turned from around the corner with its sirens on and distracted the scooterists.

RJ backed off a bit trying to get the scooter’s number plate on camera but to his surprise, there wasn’t one. The thieves got scared away and pushed through the red light to leave the area at all cost while RJ went after the police and told them what happened.

It is quite frightening seeing these kind of men having the nerve to steal your stuff in daylight, plain sight and one of the most monitored cities in Europe.

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