Famous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy Makeover

So there's a thing called the Tesla Cybertruck. You may have heard of it. It's easily the most controversial, attention-grabbing automotive design right now.
Famous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy Makeover 6 photos
Famous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy MakeoverFamous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy MakeoverFamous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy MakeoverFamous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy MakeoverFamous Cars Get a Tesla Cybertruck Boxy Makeover
Even before its reveal, it was clear that the Cybertruck was going to be a big deal. But Tesla didn't make rugged vehicles, and everybody expected the design to come out all streamlined.

It is streamlined but in a totally different way. The Cybertruck has been compared to everything from toys to door stoppers and DeLoreans. One thing is for sure, Elon Musk won't have to spend a single dollar on marketing since he's probably already got 300,000 registrations.

One of the highlights of the Cyberpunk is the stressed-skin construction, where a lot of outer layer of the car is more than just something to give it shape. That's kind of how the exoskeleton of a beetle works.

Speaking of the beetle, the website LeasingOptions has created a bunch of renderings where famous cars get the Cybertruck makeover, and one of those is the VW Beetle. After all the rounded shapes of the Bug get flattened, it kind of begins to look like the famous VW Thing, and the orange color also helps with that.

Car design 101 dictates that you can't just have two flat surfaces creating a sharp point at the top. That would look like something a child would draw, but that's the way the Cybertruck is unapologetically shaped.

It's even weirder when the pointy parts are on a low sports car, as you're about to see in the renderings based on the Jaguar F-Type or the Bugatti Veyron. Can you do a papercraft sports car like that?

The Range Rover Evoque seems to be the one exception to the rule. We think it looks perfect in this boxy, edgy styling language. It kind of bothers us that it's lost the main grille, but otherwise, every SUV would probably benefit from a few sharp creases like that. In fact, the Model Y should be re-made in the cyber style immediately.
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