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Falcon Heavy Launch New Video Shows How History Was Made

On February 6, 2018, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket took off, becoming “the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two.” Aboard the rocket, one red Tesla Roadster and a dummy called Starman headed for the stars and the history books.
Falcon Heavy side boosters landing in sync 1 photo
On-site, around the Cape, thousands gathered to watch the launch, just as they did back in the infancy days of the space program. At home, watching on millions of screens of various sizes, millions were mesmerized, just as our grandfathers were when the crew of Apollo 11 touched the Moon.

On March 10, SpaceX released a new video of the historic event, a trailer, if you like, of how the moment came to be. To the tunes of David Bowie’s Life on Mars, the new images show, at times in stunning detail, some of the key aspects of the day.

We get to see cars parked along the road, with the occupants getting ready for an interplanetary picnic. People line up on concrete slabs on the side of the road. We see NASA and SpaceX engineers getting the Roadster in shape for its space adventure.

We are witnesses to the moment when the capsule carrying the car is taken out of the hangar and sent to the launchpad. And then, ignition. A trembling image of the Falcon Heavy departing the pad, shooting flames through its nozzles.

Confetti flying, people cheering in the control room, kids rejoicing, all caught up in the importance of the moment, as the capsule bursts open and exposes the Roadster to the harshness of space.

For the first time, we get to see how the sea-landing of the core booster failed in a spectacular way. A moment we soon forget, as we watch the two side booster perform their now iconic simultaneous landing back at the Cape.

For better or worse, February 6, 2018, is, for now, our generation’s big moment in space exploration. Enjoy the video below.


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