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Falcon 900LX Is the New VIP Transport Jet for UK’s Top Officials and the Royal Family

Already known as a top-of-the-line model in the world of business jets, the Falcon 900LX will now reach the next level, proving that it’s an aircraft truly fit for royalty.
The Falcon 900LX will transport UK's top defense and government officials 9 photos
Falcon 900LXFalcon 900LXFalcon 900LXFalcon 900LXFalcon 900LXFalcon 900LXFalcon 900LXFalcon 900LX
Command Support Air Transport” is the official name given to the task of transporting senior defense and government officials. Until now, this responsibility belonged to the Bae146 aircraft, but it was time for a renewal of the fleet, so the UK Ministry of Defense decided to go with the Falcon 900LX from now on.

The prestigious French manufacturer Dassault Aviation won against the other competitors, and its business jet model was selected mainly for being “modern and efficient,” according to a Royal Air Force spokesman.

Two of the Dassault business jets will be used for VIP transportation, which means that in addition to the top-level defense and government officials, they will also fly members of the Royal family occasionally. The aircraft will be operated by a mix of civilian and Royal Air Force crew through Bristol-based Centerline, which was in charge of acquiring them on behalf of the Ministry of Defense.

All Falcon models are known for reflecting the French manufacturer’s fighter jet heritage, including top-level aerodynamics. A 12-14 seater, the Falcon 900LX is able to fly over 4,750 nautical miles (5,466 miles/8,800 km), boasting a maximum speed of Mach .84. Moreover, thanks to the trijet design that ensures increased airfield agility, the 900LX is capable of direct, over-water routing. This helps not only save time but also burn less fuel. As a result, this business jet can fly non-stop from Mumbai to London, for example, with a lower fuel consumption than its competitors.

Its cabin is also described as “highly-refined,” including ergonomic furnishings and premium materials such as soft leather and high-gloss wood, with controls discretely integrated into armrests, for each passenger. In addition, numerous windows ensure plenty of natural light. At the same time, the passengers can also enjoy lower noise levels due to the use of premium acoustical isolation.

The Falcon 900LX jets for VIP transportation will provide a better range and lower emissions compared to the Bae146. They’re set to kick off operations this summer.

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