Falcon 8X’s Awesome Vision Power Is Now Double, Already the World’s Most Advanced

Dassault was one of the pioneers of head-up display (HUD) technology, and the FalconEye was recognized as the world’s most advanced combined vision system. Starting now, the Falcon 8X very long range trijet will have a vision that’s twice as powerful, thanks to the groundbreaking dual HUD system.
The Falcon 8X now boasts double power when it comes to vision 8 photos
HUD Vision SystemFalcon 8XFalcon 8XHUD Vision SystemFalcon 8XFalcon 8XHUD Vision System
In the 1960s, Dassault installed the first modern HUD on a Mirage IIIB fighter. In 2016, it introduced FalconEye, the first HUD system that combined synthetic vision with thermal imagery.

On their own, each technology provides an incomplete picture – synthetic vision (using graphical depictions) doesn’t show runway obstacles such as fuel trucks or aircraft, while enhanced vision (based on thermal imagery) can’t show the approaching terrain in more challenging weather conditions.

By combining them, pilots get an exceptional situational awareness, even in conditions such as fog, snow, or at nighttime. For example, one of the system’s sensors can detect LED runway lighting even before that’s visible to the naked eye.

Now, this technology has been taken to the next level. Dassault announced that its dual HUD was certified by FAA and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) for the Falcon 8X. Thanks to this new system, both pilots can share the combined vision. According to the manufacturer, one can act as “pilot flying” while the other one keeps an eye on flight conditions. Several 8X operators will soon install the nee vision capability on their aircraft.

The dual HUD feature will also be EASA-certified for the upcoming Falcon 6X (which will enter service next year) and Falcon 10X (due to be certified in 2025). On the Falcon 10X, the dual HUD will operate at an even more advanced level. According to Dassault, it will act as “the primary means of pilot operation” so that the primary flight display can be configured for other uses. Already launched as the world’s most advanced combined vision system, the HUD is making commercial flights even safer with its double power.

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