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Fake Koenigsegg Is Built on a VW Beetle Chassis, Actually Related to Koenigsegg

At first glance, it would seem that the abomination sitting before us is one of the world's few (thankfully) Koenigsegg replicas and not even a good example of this pesky genre. And while there's no denying that, you have to know that the contraption is somehow related to the splendid hypercars that roll off the factory gate in Angelholm.
Fake Koenigsegg 4 photos
Fake KoenigseggFake KoenigseggFake Koenigsegg
A number plate check for the Dutch-registered machine reveals this is built on a VW Beetle chassis and this is where the interesting part begins.

You see, we're not looking at a one-off here (lens tip to Shmee150 for the pics), since this is actually a kit car belonging to the Sethera brand. This badge was born in the 80s, when otherwise respected Swedish formula racer builder Svenharry Åkesson founded it.

One could buy such a contraption with or without the chassis, while the said VW option was accompanied by a stee tube version, with a mid-engined platform being produced later on.

Fast forward to 1993, we see Svenharry being asked to build the Sethera Falcon, which was supposed to be a proper performance machine. Sadly, the brewing company that commissioned the build went out of money during the advanced stages of the project, which left the aficionado hanging.

Nevertheeless, the reputation of the builder mean Christian von Koenigsegg approached him, with an evolution of the Falcon becoming the chassis for the very first Koenigsegg prototype, namely the 1996 CC, which was animated by a 4.2-liter V8 coming from Audi.

And it looks like the owner of the four-wheeled creature we have here is determined to grab a piece of that history by using force. And the fact that this vehicle uses what can be described as modern-day supercar features doesn't make things better - I'm obviously refering to the big, flashy wheels and the camo wrap present on the vehicle.


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