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Failed Overtake Turns Pit Maneuver in Russia

Be that because of high alcohol intake, bad roads or stupidity, but it looks like that some Russian drivers can't even overtake somebody on an open road without causing a massive crash. The fail video was filmed by a dashboard camera mounted in a car that was not involved in the incident, but filmed the incident from a safe distance.
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Let's imagine what it would be like to see this accident first-hand. So here we are, driving on an icy road in the middle of no-where and in front of us there's a big SUV trying to overtake a smaller car. The SUV driver surprised us with his polite attitude by signaling his intention to overtake.

However, the failed overtake quickly turned out to be a successful pit maneuver like the ones done by the American police forces. The SUV gives the smaller car (Fiat Punto 4x4?) a shove in the left hind quarter. This causes him to spin out of control, slid across the road and dived into a ditch.

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