Factory Five GTM With 454 LSX V8 Could Give the C8 a Run for Its Money

Before the genesis of the incredible C8 Corvette, there was only a hand full of methods to experience the awesome power of an LS V8 engine in a mid-engined format. One of the best methods, in our opinion, was the Factory Five GTM kit racer that allowed you to take any engine you desired and fit it into a poised and capable supercar shell.
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Based in Wareham, Massachusetts, Factory Five's provided high-quality and capable kit cars to satisfy the DIY itch for a plethora of different automotive niches. Generally, F5 doesn't assemble vehicles from the factory, save for a few pre-production media examples and other rare exceptions. That's right, it's all up to your skills with a drill and a wrench that will make one of these monsters come to life.

Thankfully, one example's already had the hard part taken care of, and it's for sale on behalf of an anonymous private collector via Classic Car Deals of Pontiac, Michigan. A dealership we've covered several times before. Starting off strong, let's start with the engine.

We mentioned the C8 Vette just now for a very good reason. Because the twin-turbocharged 454 cubic inches (7.4-liter) LSX V8 at the very least makes about as much power as the 5.5 liter LT V8 found in the new C8 Zo6, but likely even more. It's all fed through a five-speed transaxle that comes from Porsche, of all places.

Lightweight racing wheels from ADV are wrapped in chunky Pirelli PZero performance tires measuring 245/40ZR/18. This setup should ensure the only way you're likely to spin out in one of these is if you genuinely have no idea what you're doing.

Not for nothing, but the GTM is also lighter than the new Z06. Essentially what we're saying is, please, someone lines those two cars at the quarter-mile strip and let us watch them do a few passes, somebody. Then again, you're probably not going to find nearly as many creature comforts on this kit car than you would in a brand new GM product.

Even still, you do get racing bucket leather seats with red stitching, a cup holder, and a Kenwood CD-DVD deck to entertain yourself on blasts down circuit tracks. The interior was done by the custom interior studio called the Recovery Room. Although their work was quality by anyone's standards, it's still not quite at the level of mass-produced supercars this kit competes with.

But, if all you're concerned with is being faster and more powerful than most off-the-shelf supercars you're likely to buy these days, there are surely worse options than the GTM from Factory Five. $184,995 is a lot of money for what's essentially a grown adult's toy. But considering the person who buys this car has more money than most of us, we'll doubt they'll care much at all.

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