EZC Smartlight Wearable Stoplight May Boost a Rider's Safety

Rider visibility in poor light conditions is one of the accident causes that should not be ignored, and the EZC Smartlight is one of the accessories that may change things for the better. Too bad that it didn't make it on Kickstarter...
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EZC SmartlightEZC SmartlightEZC SmartlightEZC Smartlight
The name of this project was pretty tricky, we'd say; "Easy See" sounds good and looks neat, but things that dream of making it into mass production need more than a nice name if they want to have people reaching for their pockets.

EZC Smartlight is a wearable stop light that can attach to virtually any piece of garment, be it a coat, vest, or jacket. The presentation of the EZC Smartlight places the information as to how this light module attaches to the riding gear almost at the bottom of the page and one reaches it after a good 4-5 mouse scrolls. This might also be written down on the "don'ts" list.

If we were to take a guess, we'd go for a magnetic system, not unlike that of tiny glittering LED pins that are sold at AC/DC or Rolling Stones concerts. Using tiny neodymium magnets that are diminutive in size but exceptionally strong, the module light could be therefore installed even on leather jackets.

The creators of EZC Smartlight only mention that the system does not require any modifications for the riding gear. Later, we found out that the module attaches to the jacket using a 3M adhesive strip, and we didn't like this at all.

The EZC Smartlight is powered by the vehicle you'd ride, and tapping into the power line on the bike, ATV, or snowmobile is also said to be easy. The LEDs stay lit all the time, just like the taillight of a motorcycle, and will shine brighter and flash when braking and slowing down, acting like a car's third brake light.

The rider carries a small battery pack that also serves as a controller and test module in a pocket, and this makes the EZC Smartlight stay on even after he or she dismounts the vehicle and disconnects the unit.

Such a feature is a very nice asset because the EZC Smartlight is thus able to improve the wearer's visibility in case of a break or breakdown. The module stays on until the battery dies out or the rider turns it off. Again, we'd have loved to learn more about the battery capacity, or how long it would last on a charge, but there was no such info available.

All in all, the would-be makers of the EZC Smartlight say that they applied for a patent, so maybe they will also find someone to market this nice idea better. And yes, the voiceover in the presentation video sounded almost like someone reading an obituary by the open grave before burial. You CAN do better, guys!


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