Extremely Rare 2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T Needs a New Home, Only Eight Were Ever Made

2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T 8 photos
2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T
Known for its gorgeous hand-built sports cars, Morgan decided last year to give the world a vehicle that would redefine its manufacturing identity without spoiling its core meaning. So, the Plus Four CX-T was born. But only eight were ever made. Now, there’s one in dire need of a new owner.
Morgan has a long, yet complicated history. Founded in 1910, the British company first produced three-wheelers. But throughout the years, one thing remained constant – the brand’s thirst for unique and stylish cars. Family disputes, failures, government help, debt, and selling assets to continue doing what they loved most did not matter. After many humps on the road to success and giving up on the family control over the company to an Italian Investment group known as Investindustrial, Morgan Motor Cars found its way back on the path to profitability.

Since 2019, the automaker thrived and continued to make around 900 units per year. There’s a waiting list, but that’s mostly because employees still pour their hearts and minds into the manufacturing process. The vehicles are all assembled manually. This is something customers want and like since the vehicles use exceptional materials and keep alive a design that’s not so popular with big players in the automotive industry.

Morgan claims its cars continue to celebrate individuality. It’s not hard to notice that, considering the company uses a modern approach for a retro-inspired exterior look. The brand’s first turbocharged vehicle – the BMW-powered Plus Six – was introduced in 2019, for example. And, no, these cars do not use a wooden chassis. That’s just a myth.

2022 Morgan Plus Four CX\-T

Going forward relentlessly

Now, with a new management team in place and a desire to keep pushing automotive boundaries without betraying its core values, Morgan keeps making thousands of people happy around the world. Many of them, mind you, are well-known for being involved in various TV programs like the ex-Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond.

But Morgan is also known for having some growth spurts at times. This company knows how to surprise its customers and fans. That’s what it did last year when the Plus Four CX-T was introduced. Nobody expected the British entity to pursue a career in Overlanding, but that was the magic of it all. Through a partnership with homegrown Dakar specialists, they built a Morgan that can comfortably tackle many off-road tracks.

The Plus Four CX-T received many important and useful upgrades. By working closely together with Rally Raid UK, the manufacturer was able to make the right decisions when upgrading the car to handle all kinds of rough terrains. This meant that new coil-overs, modified wishbones, and an improved suspension system had to be installed. Similarly, the vehicle received more protection through a couple of cleverly installed shields and guards. Of course, specialist equipment was made available and, fortunately, is also found on the vehicle we’re singling out in this article.

The Plus Four CX-T also added more body and occupant protection through some nifty modifications that enhanced safety. For example, the increased ground clearance matters when you’re going fast through unknown terrain. With a little help from BMW, the CX-T sports the Bavarian’s all-wheel-drive system known as xDrive, where the rear wheels work harder, and the front axle is forced to chip in when the computers detect that it’s necessary. It also includes a locking differential that is used based on the driving mode. The CX-T also received a shorter final drive ratio which can become helpful in various adventurous scenarios.

2022 Morgan Plus Four CX\-T
The whole all-aluminum platform provides more torsional rigidity, while the power figures did not change much from the model it is based upon. The vehicle still uses the same two-liter four-cylinder BMW gas engine that puts out 259 hp (263 ps) and 258 lb-ft of torque (350 Nm).

Other upgrades include a roll cage and many add-ons that give this car the ability to turn from an exploration assistant into the perfect beach day companion.

Which makes most of us wonder – why did the company build only eight? They surely did not account for a Mad Max-like scenario. The most impressive thing, however, is that only seven of these cars reached customers. One’s being tucked away by its creator!

Rare and at a discount!

By now, if you’re passionate about traveling in style almost everywhere without worrying about having to protect your precious car… Well, let’s just assume you would be interested in one of these special Morgan vehicles. But, maybe you’re a collector as well! The CX-T has the advantage of being manufactured in extremely limited numbers, so it would make a good addition to any enthusiast garage. If its value will increase over time, it's not a given. We'll have to let the market settle this issue by itself.

No matter what your preference is, this prepped-for-anything Morgan is almost impossible to obtain. All the customers got their cars before the end of last year and that was the end of it. However, Christmas miracles happen. One Plus Four CX-T with the coveted complete Expedition Pack appeared out of nowhere online! And, get this – it’s available at a discount!

2022 Morgan Plus Four CX\-T
Originally, the vehicle had an MSRP of around £170,000 ($205,088). Now, it’s trying to find itself a new home for just £164,950 ($198,995). This price might make one wonder what’s going on since the car had a price of a little over £208,000 ($250,931) when it was acquired as new by the former owner.

This Plus Four CX-T is the third vehicle sold by Morgan as part of this special series and is one of the seven that were made with a left-hand drive configuration. The eighth car was right-hand drive. According to the selling party, it has accrued only a bit over 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers). It’s joined by a couple of options like the special exterior color, decals, painted brake calipers, map lights, and a Garmin sat nav.

The best thing about it, however, is that it boasts the whole expedition pack. This adds rugged and waterproof luggage cases, a toolbox that can double as storage when it’s not required to hide important stuff for fixing the car, two containers, and two spare wheel assemblies which are all mounted on a rack. Two ropes and sand mats are included!

Finally, the Plus Four CX-T is a great thing to own from any possible perspective. No matter what your preferences are, this car will help you turn your garage into a place that can host a lot of stories or can keep a highly collectible vehicle away from the public’s attention.
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