Extreme Road Rage In Australia - Must Watch!

While we have grown accustomed to the road rage incidents in Russia, where they are extremely common (sadly), we were honestly not expecting Australian drivers to be as violent, or as was the case in this video, even more so. The only word we could use to accurately describe the culprit is psycho.
Last Sunday, a former police officer, Ken Olsen, was driving his ‘ute’ down a main road south of Brisbane, when he got rear-ended by another ute or truck, being driven by the aforementioned psycho. He then proceeds to drive alongside Ken, in the oncoming lane, gesturing towards him, telling him to get off the road, and ramming his truck in the process.

After being rammed at least seven times throughout the chase, the crazy driver finally manages to block the path of Ken’s truck, gets out of his own vehicle and jumps on his bonnet, and somehow manages to break the windscreen with his bare hands!

This is by far one of the worst road rage incidents we`ve ever seen, and getting into an argument with another driver is one thing, but the conflict getting physical, to this degree is simply shocking and revolting.

Story via Today and Tonight


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