Extreme Nissan GT-R Can Pull 7.7s Quarter Mile Runs, Tears Up Russian Drag Strips

As we’ve shown you in the past, the Russian drag racing scene is stronger than it might appear to those outside the country, and we’re back on the topic to bring you yet another extreme machine that keeps the clock impressed. This time, it’s all about a Nissan GT-R, but you’ll have to forget all about the standard car for this story.
Extreme Nissan GT-R in Russia 1 photo
Instead, we are dealing with one of the fastest cars in Russia - we have to explain that this incarnation of Godzilla has gone through an extreme modification process and can now deal with the quarter mile in a nicely rounded 7.7 seconds, with a trap speed of 184 mph (296 km/h).

To put that into perspective, we’ll mention this Russian Nissan follows the classic so-close-yet-so-far recipe when it comes to the GT-R quarter mile world record. That title currently sits with a US-built R35, namely AMS Performance’s Alpha Omega GT-R.

After a brief, yet fierce battle with another US-built GTR coming from Extreme Turbo Systems, the Alpha Omega took back its title, thanks to a 7.485s pass at 192.97 mph (311 km/h). For the sake of comparison, we’ll mention a stock GT-R plays the quarter mile game in around 11 seconds.

The comparison involving Alpha Omega is not exactly fair, since that is a tuner’s development car, while the Russian GT-R in the footage below is a customer vehicle. The American drag racing world is also populated by 2,000+ hp customer GT-Rs, but don't expect to find too many of these machines around. After all, we are talking about quadrupling the factory output.

No details were offered for this Nissan, but judging by its 1,302-foot time, the machine delivers around 2,000 hp at the wheels. As you can imagine, such an extreme output leads to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it starts, which make up the most spectacular part of its runs.

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