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Extreme Arctic RV Probably Can't Get Stuck

How would you like to own a green vehicle able to exist as your ride and your home, at the same time? That is exactly what the Multiple-Use Polar Vehicle designed by Matthieu Tarrit, Charles Zamolo and Hugo Cerf is.
The Multiple-Use Polar Vehicle 1 photo
When you drive around in the coldest climate of Earth you are going to need some kind of an out-of-this-world truck to be sure you make it safe back home. In fact, your journey becomes your home while riding in this monster.

We are even looking at a 100% Green vehicle created in association with an NGO named International Polar Foundation that was designed to adapt itself to the surroundings and the needs of the scientists researching in the severe climate. As a brief reminder, Antarctica is that place on Earth were they've registered the lowest naturally occurring temperature ever recorded on the surface on Earth: -89.2 C. In that type of climate, snowing really becomes your worst nightmare.

But, getting stuck won't be a problem while riding in this creature. The front of the Polar Vehicle is the truck tractor, while its center is place where all the controls are located. Basically, this groundbreaking truck was conceived to make the scientists travel with ease on the harsh terrain and also serve as a base camp with all the amenities.

When the scientist are not cruising the glacial ice, the vehicle arranges itself in the form of a star that allows it to save all the heat and solar energy that falls on the roof of the vehicle.

The energy for the movement and to power the onboard systems comes from a fuel cell that combines oxygen and hydrogen, to produce electricity for the four electric motors. This cold weather caravan is a innovative vehicle that leaves no gasoline traces what so ever, making one of the world’s finest trucks.

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